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Ultimate Massage

Throughout history the harp has been considered an instrument that produces ethereal, healing sounds, which can relax the body and elevate the spirit. The reason for this partially lies in the fact that when each string is plucked, not only does its initial tone ring out but a full complement of harmonics or overtones occur, causing other strings to resonate and echo, a phenomenon of physics known as resonance. Because everything is comprised of energy, and therefore vibration, this principle of resonance acts on the human body, aiding in aligning it and producing a harmonious state of equilibrium on many levels.

Although recorded music may certainly affect the listener, being in the presence of a live harpist is a profoundly different experience. The reason for this is that the vibrational energy emitted by the harp strings in conjunction with the harpist's expressed intention of creating a healing atmosphere produces a unique peacefulness in the massage space that permeates every cell of not only the client's body, but also those of the harpist and massage therapist as well.

Combining the healing sounds of live harp music with the therapeutic effects of massage will truly create a mind and body altering experience, the ultimate in relaxation and regeneration.