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Enrico's treatments are fantastic!
As an executive chef, I work very long hours and often experience a great deal of stress, sometimes even physical injury. Many times in the past I have used a combination of chiropractic treatments in conjunction with massage to help alleviate pain and stress, therefore, I have a great deal of experience with these modalities. Enrico's unique combination of different styles of massage and his ability to sense the exact areas that need treatment are truly amazing. I have recommended Enrico to several friends and the response has been universally positive: his treatments are worth every penny!
- Kevin Weber, Executive Chef


I credit Enrico for my Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) recovery!
Suffering from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel symptoms to the point of missing work, I began receiving massage treatments to try to alleviate the pain. After working with 5 other massage therapists, I found Enrico and can state without a doubt that his technique has been by far the most effective in treating my RSI pain. Today I no longer have RSI related problems and I feel much healthier than ever before. In fact, I am pain free even after working on the computer all day.
- Michael Costuros, Founder & Creative Director of Livebooks Inc.

As a massage therapist, Enrico is an artist!
I have been Rolfed, studied Feldenkrais, taken Yoga classes, Kaiser physical therapy classes, and have had a very good Myofacial Release massage therapist, but Enrico has helped me to discover various unconscious holding patterns in my body that aggravate my joint pain. For these revelations, I credit his special massage technique, which integrates posture and body movement education in each massage session. As a result, I have become more aware of how I can make better choices for ways to sit, stand, sleep, and generally move my body. And Enrico does something that is very uncommon these days: he gives follow up phone calls just to see how I'm doing. His willingness to listen to my feedback and discuss things with me makes this truly a collaborative experience. It is quite amazing to find such a new treasure to teach this 75-year-old body new ways to experience itself. Thank you, Enrico!
 - Joanna McClure, Retired Early Childhood Development Teacher & Poet

He is an important part of my physical therapy & healing regimen!
Enrico has an innate, intuitive grasp of how to soften tense, painful, and injured muscles. With his healing touch and excellent communication skills, he is the best massage practitioner of the many I've worked with.
 - Dawn Meson, Artist (painter)

I can always count on Enrico to get me out of a pain crisis !
With his unique style of massage and healing hands, Enrico has consistently helped to alleviate and prevent back and neck pain for me. Enrico is my first line of defense.
 - Jennifer Borrow, Clinical Project Manager