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Sports Massage

As a specialized form of Sports Massage, Therapeutic Reposturing™ (TR),* combines stability exercise and active, isolated flexibility exercise with advanced massage techniques, creating a more efficient system that addresses the flexibility and core conditionaing components of an amateur or professional athlete's training program. This bodywork system offers the athlete solutions for preventing pain and injury (associated with the lack of flexibility, sports technique and/or body mechanics; over-training; unrecognized de-hydration; tight muscles) and supports a year round training program.

The TR Program
The Therapeutic Reposturing™ Program offers a comprehensive plan of action for the competitive athlete. For the triathlete, runner, swimmer, bicyclist, golfer or any other competitive athlete, the 10 visit "Performance Through Flexibility Series" will increase an athlete's agility and strength and assist him or her in attaining: a consistent level of high performance, optimal range of motion, injury prevention, and the improved mental and physical health necessary for successful athletic competition. The core conditioning exercises feature is offered with private sessions only.

Private Sessions
• The first appointment in a private practice setting is a 90-minute session that begins with an evaluation of breath and core function, and postural asymmetries.

• The introduction of a 5- to 7-minute warm-up routine designed to warm up muscles and joints.

• A 20-minute core workout, taylored to each individual athlete.

• A 50-minute full body massage session.

• A 5-minute post session assessment.

Sporting Event
Therapeutic Reposturing™ was designed to get quick results in a sports setting, and athletes that receive TR following their race have better recovery experiences. At a sporting event it is important to respond to an athlete's specific physical problems as they arise either prior to or following the event.

• Pre-event session: a 5 to 15 minutes session, that warms up and activates the muscles and joints in order to prepare the athlete for competition.

• Post-event session: a longer session, which addresses issues such as cramping or leg, knee, back, hip, neck or shoulder pain or injury.

• Inter-event session: a session in which the length and focus of bodywork varies, depending on the timing of the next event. Here specific physical problems are addressed with temporary quick fix techniques that can smooth out sore, tired muscles.

*Therapeutic Reposturing™ was developed by Sports Massage Therapist Joseph Lucero in response to the sports and massage communities' need for a bodywork system that got quick results both at sporting events and in private practice.