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Strictly Therapeutic's Referral Network

Since I have experienced both excellent and poor medical care, I would like to be able to offer exceptional alternative and traditional medical referrals to my clients who are interested in services other than massage to assist them in managing their medical conditions. To this end one of my goals is to create a referral network of quality health care professionals that support each others' work.

To be confident about endorsing each business on this list, I would like to visit each business, so that I can become familiar with the practitioners themselves, as well as having first hand experience of their practice.

I invite all of you who are interested in becoming part of this referral network to email your contact information to me, along with a short description of the services that you provide.

Please contact me at:



Wellness Referral List


Susanne Babbel, Ph.D., MFT http://www.bodyconversations.com/


Personal Chef:

Sitarani Brian http://www.chefsita.com/


Nutrition & Yoga:

Sara Ferrigno, NC, RYT http://www.thrivesf.com/


Certified Personal Training:

Gordon Crespo, NASMCpt http://www.bodyarchitectsf.vpweb.com/



Kirsten Hill, D.C. http://www.dwlchiro.com/

Brian Kerner, D.C., Q.M.E. http://www.kernerchiropractic.com/


Pet Therapy:

Katherine Taylor http://bayareabodytalk.com/


Cosmetics-Skin Care:

Joanna Fritz http://www.marykay.com/jfritz6/default.aspx



Rebecca Rapaport Ness, M.S., LAc. http://www.thousandgold.com/

Jonah Hershowitz, LAc. http://www.rootsandblossoms.com/

Christine Friel, LAc. http://www.doublehappinesshealth.com/