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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy, known for its revitalizing and balancing powers on physiological and emotional levels, is known to be an effective way for supporting and strengthening the body's immune system. Although traditional uses include assisting breathing, loosening mucous secretions, promoting sleep and relaxation, and healing minor cuts and insect bites, scientific research has confirmed that aromatherapy also has a direct affect on the human brain.

On a physiological level aromatherapy can increase energy levels, assist in decreasing tension due to stress, aid in pain relief, add to a youthful appearance of the skin, act as a mood elevator, and decrease congestion due to colds. On an emotional level it can directly influence the emotions, which are both controlled by and affect the nervous system, the regulator of the production of hormones needed for a balanced, healthy life. While negative emotions can cause tension in the muscles and restrict blood flow and oxygen to muscles and organs, aromatherapy can reverse these symptoms, as well as decrease depression, mental fatigue, and stress-related anxiety.

The Aromatherapy Massage combines a modified Swedish massage routine with pure essential oils, which are chosen specifically by the client according to their preference. Utilizing smoothing, warming and kneading strokes to apply the oils, an Aromatherapy massage increases circulation, while it drives the therapeutic oils deep into the body where they can be more fully absorbed. As a therapeutic technique by itself, Swedish massage will increase relaxation and decrease tension and stress, but by adding specific essential oils the therapeutic effects will be greatly enhanced.